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Phase Change Materials: Interesting Method for Thermal Energy Storage

Phase change materials (PCMs) are using for thermal energy storage (TES) in a wide range of applications such as Smart Textiles, Portable Electronics, Building Materials, Solar Energy applications and...

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On Wind Turbine Operation Monitoring And Maintenance - Part 1

As well as being green, wind energy is one of the cheapest ways of generating electricity, and it is currently the most common generating technology for new installations in Canada. According to...

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Solar Shouldn't Be Businesses' First Priority

As the price of solar photovoltaic (PV) installations has continued to fall over the past decade, the commercial sector has been rapidly installing solar on its facilities in order to lower energy...

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one Million: The Energy Systems map

ON its two-year anniversary, our Energy Systems Map hit

one million video views!


Facebook One Million Views.png


In May of 2015, Student Energy launched the Energy Systems Map, the tool that brings energy information to the digital...

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THE Changemakers of the 2017 International Student Energy Summit

These individuals span four continents, with four unique, inspiring and impactful stories of how they contribute to our sustainable...

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