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Energy Voices Radio Show - June 28 - the future of Transport

In this episode of Energy Voices, we explore the latest advances in transportation from electrification to automation to what it may mean for grid infrastructure.

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Energy Voices Radio Show - May 31 - Grids

On this episode of Energy Voices we explain the electricity grid - the magical (actually highly technical) system that keeps the lights on and takes energy from where it is generated to where it is used. 

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The Cornerstone to Electricity Market Development

I recently won a contest with Student Energy which has allowed me to attend the ELECTRIC POWER Conference in New Orleans and talk about the future of power. In my contest entry thesis, I argued that...

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Two Cool Contests for Young Energy Entrepreneurs

Do you have a clean energy idea or start up? Check out these two contests that give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to show off their ideas!

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Do you understand energy waste?

When I first moved out on my own, I thought I knew everything I needed - and boy was I wrong. You get all sorts of advice when you first start shopping for a home - find something within your budget,...

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