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The Student Energy Chapter at Carleton University (SEC) was created out of the desire of a group of students to make a positive impact in Ottawa, Canada, and around the globe by fostering student opportunities and engagement in the energy sector and the transition to sustainable energy. 


Our objective is to serve as an interdisciplinary forum for student engagement across disciplines—such as engineering, business, public affairs, and the sciences—on energy through debates, speaker series, workshops, and networking events.

The organization shall work to:

  • Provide students with an interdisciplinary space to learn and discuss energy issues, and a space to develop, discuss, and forward energy solutions.

  • Educate students on the different sources of energy available, as well as the different sides on energy debates, professional and academic opportunities in the sector.

  • Provide the necessary learning tools for students to have a seat at the table on energy discussions pertaining Canada and the globe.

The Team

Co-President: Roberto Chavez: Oversee dealings with external affairs, facilitate long-term strategy

Co-President: Maheep Sandhu: Oversee dealings with external affairs, facilitate long-term strategy 

Vice-President Finance: Josh Franklin: Treasurer functions, accounting, and finance.

Vice-President Internal: Mary Gramiak: Organize internal communications and operationalize the strategy

Vice-President Marketing: Melissa Dosne: Advertising, marketing of events and outreach to students, social media

Vice-President Social: Matthew Helfrich: Facilitate member engagement, organize Enerbeers series


The Exec Team from left to right: Mary, Melissa, Roberto, Josh, Maheep
The Exec Team from left to right: Mary, Melissa, Roberto, Josh, Maheep 


Title: Energy Solutions Incubator:  Exploring the Multidisciplinary Dimensions of Energy   

Date: March 23, 2017                  

Description: This event seeks to fostering student participation in important energy debates and encourage their involvement in energy solutions. The event will begin with a surprise guest speaker. Following, students will have the chance to pick one of ten energy topics of their interest and discuss it with fellow students and issue specific experts. Each group will discuss their insights and ideas, and come up with solutions. Then each group will have have the opportunity to present their discussion.

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