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Durham Student Energy is the energy society at Durham University (UK), working alongside the Durham Energy Institute to provide students with a diverse range of talks, workshops and news articles on the world of energy. The UK’s energy environment is unstable and, following the recent ‘Brexit’ vote uncertain. As students, we will be deeply impacted by vital decisions regarding the nation’s energy future. The society’s aim is to educate and inspire students to develop their interest and understanding of this ever-increasingly important sector.



Durham Student Energy has successfully grown as a society on the Durham University campus after gaining accreditation with the Durham Students’ Union (DSU) in early December (after a considerable wait time, entirely the university’s fault). The society received a start-up grant for around ~£450, of which around £300 remains. The society has succeeded in developing a good online following on the Facebook page ‘Durham Student Energy’, with (now) over 200 likes and a monthly average reach of 700+ (peaking at 4,500!).


The society proceeded to host its first event with three speakers (Nick Grealy, an attendant at ISES 2015, John Dewar, CEO of Third Energy, a natural gas/fracking company in Yorkshire and Prof. Andy Aplin of Durham University) on the potential impact of the further development in the fracking industry in the UK. The event had an attendance of ~50 people, considered an astounding success! Further development of the society hit an impasse with the onset of exams.


A good integration with the Durham Energy Institute (DEI), the university’s energy research group, has helped to develop exceptional links and provide good connections for future events to be held in the 2016/17 academic year. The DEI has also helped put on events alongside the society including a workshop with DONG Energy, Europe’s leading wind farm operator. The DEI will provide further aid to the society as it benefits from an improved outlet to students at the university.

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Durham University SE Team


Title: DEI Research Symposium ‘Out with the old, in with the new'.          

Date: 30/09/16                  

Description: This event will be divided into morning and evening sessions. The morning session will focus on the popular topic of Energy Security. As the energy sector is growing industries and utility companies will need to focus on creating a secure and stable infrastructure to protect people's energy usage information. Also on the agenda, the students and speakers will guide the audience through the topic of decommissioning of a range of energy producing plants. How it will affect local economies and communities and how it will be done in a safe manner to ensure the protection of the environment, people, and the future of its technology. The evening session will cover. . . .


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