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Student Energy at Murdoch University is a chapter located in the capital city Perth of Western Australia, We are proud to say that Murdoch Student Energy is the first Chapter to be started in Australia and was found in the month June 2017. Students should have a voice in their energy future. Murdoch Student Energy empowers students to take action and better understand energy matters in their local community. 


Murdoch Student Energy (MSE) is a community focused on developing future energy leaders. We are a platform for students who are passionate about energy issues.

The Team: 

Founder: Axel Sinhuber
President: Rohit Bomma 
Secretary: Rhys Ferguson-Gander
Treasurer: Hasnat Morshed Bhuyan 


Careers Night
Date: 25 Oct 2018 (Anual Event)
Careers Night Event was an event organised for the current students to understand the transition from education towards careers. We had three speaks within the Energy industry who discussed their journey from a student to where they are today. The speakers have been asked to elaborate on their experiences in studying or working in foreign countries. 

Energy Networking 
Energy networking is a networking for students to gather and have discussions about energy with some food and drinks. This event is organised very frequently 

Student Career Forum
17 Oct 2017 (Anual Event)
Student Career Forum was our first big event. It was an event for the students to understand the energy industry of Western Australia. We have invited 4 alumni to speakers who are settled in Different Energy Industries. 

Stayed updated

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Contact us 

Send us a note through Facebook or send an email to murdoch@studentenergy.org

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