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Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

About Us

Student Energy at UADY was founded by students of the faculty of chemical engineering of UADY, located in Mérida, México. We are building a multidisciplinary network through our university, so that each student can show their own feedback about the energy sector in the spaces created by our chapter. We are committed to making a great impact in terms of energy and sustainability to have a better future.                                                            


Student Energy at UADY is building the next generation of leaders in energy sector to create a huge impact in the society at the same time we can contribute to have a better sustainable energy future carrying out activities and events, always taking care of the environment. Inclusion and multidisciplinary are key points for our development as a chapter and also we can participate in the growth of the southeast of Mexico specifically in Yucatan, as well as our whole country and the worldwide.