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University of British Columbia


Student Energy at UBC was started to help build a conversation around renewable energy on campus. We thought there were many organizations on campus tackling various pieces of the energy puzzle, but there wasn't space where everyone could come together and share ideas. 

We focus on increasing dialogue in a just energy transition, which takes into account social, economic, and environmental factors. 

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds- both academically and socially. We are lucky to be able to pull from a variety of different experiences, from courses taken to places members have lived. Members have opportunities to teach one another and learn from those around them.

Last year, Student Energy helped plan a conference focusing on transitioning towards renewable here at UBC. In partnership with different campus organizations, we provided a platform for students, faculty, and industry experts alike to have these important conversations.

In 2019, we are planning an on-campus event to teach members of the sustainability community more about sustainable agriculture, including the carbon footprint of cannabis growth.

If you have questions about our chapter or are looking to get involved, feel free to contact us via ubc@studentenergy.org