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Student Energy at the University of the West Indies is a new club that aims to educate and empower our youth on energy topics in Trinidad and Tobago. While Trinidad and Tobago is a major exporter of petroleum and natural gas and is thereby an energy-based economy, our chapter will be an educational platform to educate our audience on the energy transition towards a sustainable energy future.  



Student Energy at the University of the West Indies seeks to provide an inclusive educational setting for students of the University of the West Indies to explore topics on energy and the environment and contribute to projects that reinforce sustainable energy solutions while educating the public. We will accomplish our mission through a focus on action-oriented projects, educational platforms, networking, and skill-development workshops.


The Team:


Vaughn-Xavier Jameer


Executive Vice President

Melissa Boodoo

Vice President Faculty Relations

Elizabeth Bullock

Faculty relations Lead 

 Lydia Gayadeen (Faculty of Humanities and Education)


Vice President Finances & Sponsorship

Akisha Ali-Khan

Vice President Events

Ambika Mallian

Marketing lead

Dillon Ramadin


We are currently recruiting for the executive team of 2018/19. If you are interested, please be sure to contact us! The available positions are:

  • Vice President Marketing

  • Vice President Internal Relations

  • Secretary

  • Leads

    • Faculty Relations team

    • Finances team

    • Sponsorship team

    • Events team

    • Marketing team

Join the movement:

There are two types of memberships with our chapter: #Enernerds and Energy Enthusiasts.

#Enernerds will have full access to all opportunities offered by our chapter and is only offered to post-secondary students. It comes at a fee of $20.00 which can be paid by semester ($10.00 / semester).

Click here to register as an #Enernerd.

Energy Enthusiasts is offered those persons who are not eligible to be part of the chapter but would like to be involved, for instance, secondary school students. Persons simply wanting to be part of the mailing list must register as an Energy Enthusiast.

Click here to register as an Energy Enthusiast.


General opportunities:

OGCI Emissions Reduction Internship Program


OGCI Emissions by Chapter University of the West Indies

Student Energy and OGCI Climate Investments have partnered up to bring 10 Emission Reduction Internships for Students. 

If you are passionate about sustainable energy solutions, want to apply yourself and learn new knowledge and skills while contributing to real work being undertaken in the oil and gas sector, this is an opportunity for you

Below shows the company, location, and title of each of the 10 internship opportunities:

Chevron (United States) - 
Techno-economic Analyst
Future Investments

Eni SpA (San Donato, Milan, Italy)-
Sustainable Mobility
Life Cycle Assessment

TOTAL (Tour Coupole, La Defense, France) -
Carbon Capture, Utilization & Sequestration

BP (Environmental Technology Team) (Houston, TX, USA) - 
Carbon & Energy Analyst

OGCI Climate Investments (London, UK) -
Four positions available.

Already hyped? Because there's even more to it! Persons who are successful at obtaining any of these internships also win a BURSARY to help you get to #SES2019 in London, UK!

Interested? Follow the link for more details on the internship position and the application link:

OGCI Emissions Reduction Internship Program

If you have any questions, please let us know. Good luck!


REthinking Energy Essay Competition

DEADLINE: January 31st

To conclude this year's Climate Talk themed REthinking Energy, IAMovement and The National Gas Company (NGC) have had this essay competition running since December where you can win some amazing energy prizes!

Previously, you needed to attend the Climate Talk which was hosted in September 2018 to enter but now once you're a member of our chapter and between the ages of 14 and 21, you can enter!

Climate Talk and the REthinking Energy Video Series seeks to educate and promote discussion and knowledge sharing on:

(#1) T&T’s gas shortage and Our Opportunity Cost (which can also thought of as Our Opportunity Lost);

(#2) Our Electricity Subsidy, and,

(#3) Solutions for T&T. You also learned about the effects of climate change on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) such as the islands of the Caribbean.

You will need to view these videos to complete the essay. 

The deadline has been extended to January 31st 2019 to accommodate student schedules! If you're interested in participating, let us know via email or social media.


Upcoming events

#SES2019 International Student Energy Summit 2019 

Pre-registration open.

The International Student Energy Summit is a global forum that focuses on the role students will play in defining our sustainable energy future. The Student Energy Summit is a biannual event which occurs in different cities around the world and was first run in 2009 being Student Energy's longest running program.

The summit targets international, multidisciplinary post-secondary students in undergraduate and graduate studies in energy. It is one of the most innovative, inspiring energy summit's taking place in the world and is the most globally diverse university conference on energy.

Student Energy Summit will be hosted in London, UK from July 17th to 20th this year. Pre-registration is currently open which provides you with updates on the progress of the summit. Registration is expected to open in early 2019 so keep an eye out for updates!

Pre-register using this link:

International Student Energy Summit Pre-registration

Bursaries will be available to our #Enernerds




Mina Guli had set out to run 100 marathons in 100 days for the global water crisis but due to an injury, she is no longer able to complete this marathon on her own. The global community has since been helping Mina complete her mission by running every day.

The #RunningDry movement has shown that when we work together, we can achieve much more and go much further than alone. The purpose of Mina running 42.2 km per day for 100 days was for one reason: water. She wants to inspire people to commit to water saving and become part of a global movement of water-conscious citizens. She urges that saving water should be made famous, not because it is the right thing to do, but it is the only thing to do.

Every day, we will be walking or running to donate our distance to the movement by creating a social media post. Let's work together to achieve that daily 42.2 km or more!

our CURRENT DISTANCE: 423.05 KM (10 marathons, 3 days)

How to help:

  •  Run or walk as many kilometres or miles as you can on Sunday 27th January 2019.
  • Take a photo and post it on your social media channel/s. Include the distance and the hashtag #RunningDry so we can track it.
  • Invite your friends to join #RunningDry 100 marathons in 1 day.
  • Share a water factor tip

Social media templates:

You can use these templates OR make your own:


I just ran [insert number] kilometres for Mina as part of her #RunningDry campaign! @MinaGuli is raising awareness of the global water crisis and I’m so proud to be part of this journey to ensure #EveryDropCounts! ‍🏃🏃‍♀️💧


I’m running kilometres for Mina to join her #RunningDry campaign to spotlight the global water crisis. Join me in helping her achieve the goal of 100 marathons in 100 days for water. We’re all with you, Mina! 🏃🏃‍♀️💧



I just ran [insert number] kilometres for Mina as part of her #RunningDry campaign! @MinaGuliWater is raising awareness of the global water crisis with 100 Marathons in 100 days for water. Join me and together we can ensure #EveryDropCounts and help Mina finish strong 💧👊 



I just ran [insert number] kilometres for Mina as part of her #RunningDry campaign: 100 marathons in 100 days! We have to get out there and run not only for Mina but for water. Join me and together we can ensure #EveryDropCounts and help Mina finish strong 💧👊 

For more information on #RunningDry:

Click here


Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

day 4:

The RunningDry movement at the University of the West Indies has gathered more partners from the UWI Clubs community as more of us are interested in advocacy for our global water resources. We are part of the #RunningDry campaign with:

Every day, you can join the group at the FST Undercroft at 5:00 PM if you would like friends to run for water with!

While we encourage you to come out with us, please be reminded that you can also contribute distance to this movement from the comfort of your homes and/or communities.

We hope to see you guys tomorrow! Let's work together to raise awareness of the Global Water Crisis.



Tuesday 29th January

More information will be shared soon.


First General Meeting (Semester 2)

Thursday 31st January

Introduction to Student Energy, Semester plan, the re-planning of the constitution with members.

More information will be shared soon


Enerbeers & Movie night

Friday 1st February

More information on this will soon be available.