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Student Energy at the University of the West Indies is a new club that aims to educate and empower our youth on energy topics in Trinidad and Tobago. While Trinidad and Tobago is a major exporter of petroleum and natural gas and is thereby an energy-based economy, our chapter will be an educational platform to educate our audience on the energy transition towards a sustainable energy future.  


Student Energy at the University of the West Indies seeks to provide an inclusive educational setting for students of the University of the West Indies to explore topics on energy and the environment and contribute to projects that reinforce sustainable energy solutions while educating the public. We will accomplish our mission through a focus on action-oriented projects, educational platforms, networking, and skill-development workshops.

The Team

President - Vaughn-Xavier Jameer

Executive Vice President - Melissa Boodoo

Vice President Marketing - Shaueel Persadee

Marketing lead: Dillon Ramadin

Vice President Faculty Relations - Elizabeth Bullock

Vice President Finances & Sponsorship - Akisha Ali-Khan

Vice President Events - Ambika Mallian

We are currently recruiting for the executive team of 2018/19. If you are interested, please be sure to contact us! The available positions are:

  • Secretary
  • All lead positions

Get involved

We encourage our members to participate in our upcoming events and projects. We welcome all interested persons to volunteer with us. More information on this will be posted soon.

Upcoming events

Geography Awareness Week:

Date: Thursday 15th November

This is an annual conference and educational awareness campaign hosted by the Faculty of Food and Agriculture in collaboration with the UWI Geography Club. This year's theme will be Climate Change where events for the the general public and students (secondary and tertiary) are conducted. While we will be present on Thursday 15th, the events runs from November 11th to 17th.

Green financing workshop:

Date: Thursday 22nd November.
More details will be released soon.

Past Events

Climate Talks 2018: REthinking Energy

Student Energy will be facilitating a session of Climate Talk by IAMovement and NGC. This will be their 2nd year doing the Climate Talk series, this year focusing on REthinking Energy. The topic this year is so relevant right now, as we're exploring how renewable energy can work in tandem with the local oil and gas sector to maximize the benefit to our economy and citizens. There'll be a 6-minute video presentation exploring T&T's drive towards Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy followed by an interactive 30-minute forum.

First General Meeting

An introductory session where we introduced our organization and team, discussed our semester plan, projects we would like to get done and played some games with the audience.

Other Events:

Mind your Litter with Litterati

The UWI Biological Society's project initiative, Mind Your Litter with Litterati, uses the Litterati app to photograph, geo-tag, and categorize litter, one piece at a time. The goal of this project is to collect real life data on littering in Trinidad and Tobago over a year which is hoped to be used to influence policy change. The project launch was on November 5th where Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter, the Guyanese Student Association in Trinidad and Tobago, and Student Energy attended the clean-up at Balandra Bay. The main categories of litter collected were plastics, polystyrene, fishing material, bottle caps (plastic and metal), and glass shards.