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David Ward

Full Name
David Ward
David developed a strong interest in climate change and energy generation from a young age with a particular interest in renewable energy and the transition to a cleaner power generation system. After completing his MEng in Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham in the UK, David joined the nucleargraduate scheme where he was educated in nuclear energy and is working through 3 separate placements within the nuclear sector. These have included the National Nuclear Laboratory in the UK and the Department of Energy in the US. He is currently finishing his last secondment at Sellafield, the UK's main nuclear cleanup and decommissioning site. Whilst David's experience lies with the glassifying or 'vitrification' of highly active nuclear waste, his interest expands much further into the field of nuclear energy and what it can achieve for the world. He has a strong desire to see nuclear energy become a much more publically acceptable solution to climate change and energy poverty.
Educational Information
MEng Chemical Engineering
University of Nottingham, National Nuclear Laboratory
Authored Topics