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Student Energy is a grassroots initiative turned into a global movement by a group of driven, passionate students. It all began with a simple idea — to create an energy conference “for students, by students.” The vision was to have experts from all over the world come together with the ultimate goal of educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Inspired by this vision, a group of students at the University of Calgary created the International Student Energy Summit (SES). The inaugural Summit took place in Calgary, Canada in 2009. The event was extremely successful. It brought together young minds from over 30 countries, a family of supportive partners and energy experts from various disciplines to impart their knowledge.

Due to the overwhelming success of the Summit, we decided to build on the momentum and hold a SES every two years in a different city around the world enabling students to continue coming together to reignite their passion for energy. In 2011, the second International Summit occurred in Vancouver.

With the momentum from the success of the first two Summits, Student Energy was formed as a not-for-profit organization to continue the legacy of SES events and to build additional programs that would encourage young people to engage in the transition to a sustainable energy future. The International Summits continued to grow with the 2013 Summit in Trondheim Norway, the 2015 Summit in Bali, and now the upcoming 2017 Summit in Mexico, which will be our largest yet. 

Student Energy continues to create programs such as our Energy Literacy Platform and our Chapters Program that empower young people to accelerate our transition to a sustainable energy future.