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Student Energy is an international organization with a suite of initiatives that educate, inspire and unite students on current trends and issues in the energy industry.


International Student Energy Summit (SES)

The International Student Energy Summit (SES) is a global forum that focuses on sustainable resource management and the role that students will play in defining the future of energy development. SES is Student Energy’s pinnacle event and takes place every two years in different cities around the world.  The event targets international, multidisciplinary post-secondary students in undergraduate and graduate studies interested in energy.   

SES 2017 will take place in Merida, Mexico on June 13-18, 2017.  If your school is interested in hosting the next SES, get more information here.


Energy Literacy Web Platform

The Energy Literacy Web Platform was designed to make the complex world of energy more simple. Our interactive platform for energy education features dynamic, engaging content that helps people to learn. It uses video and other media to engage students and the general public on energy topics, while also providing links so users can "dive deeper" on content that interests them. Read more about the features here and visit the web platform here.


Energy Voices

Energy Voices is our monthly radio show aimed at bringing long-form journalism back to energy to inspire dialogue on crucial energy topics. This program is an hour long, pre-produced show taking place once per month in partnership with CJSW Radio station.   It provides a unique, non-traditional channel through which to educate students and the greater public on different perspectives of energy and sustainability topics.

Energy Voices is available by podcast on Sound Cloud and has a loyal following around the world.


Regional Summits

Our Regional Summits bring the innovative format of the International Student Energy Summit to even more of the world’s students and future energy leaders. Regional Student Energy Summits simultaneously occur on the same day on various continents . The events  target 100-300 multi-disciplinary postsecondary students from each region. Our first ever Regional Summits occurred in June 2014 in the following cities:

  • Latin America - Mexico City, Mexico
  • Africa - Cape Town, South Africa
  • Europe - Aberdeen, Scotland
  • North America - New York City, USA



In 2013, Student Energy set out to gain a better understanding of the global energy literacy landscape. With the support of the Calgary Foundation, Student Energy analyzed energy literacy efforts in 15 countries.  The report used seven frameworks to arrive at a holistic look at the global status of energy literacy. The report also conducted in-depth analysis on the status of energy literacy in specific regions. To get a copy of the full report, please email info@studentenergy.org.