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Student Energy is an international organization with a suite of initiatives that build skills and educates, empowers, and unites students on current trends and issues in the energy industry.


International Student Energy Summit (SES)

The International Student Energy Summit (SES) is a global forum that focuses on sustainable resource management and the role that students will play in defining the future of energy development. SES is Student Energy’s pinnacle event and takes place every two years in different cities around the world.  The event targets international, multidisciplinary post-secondary students in undergraduate and graduate studies interested in energy.   

SES 2017 will take place in Merida, Mexico on June 13-18, 2017.  

If your school is interested in hosting the next SES, you can find more information here


Student Energy Chapters empower students to leverage our organizational knowledge and brand to take action on energy in their local communities. Chapters are led by students, and hosted at universities.

Unlike established organizations, students only have a few years to make a project happen. To take the lead time out of this student action, we are working to share Student Energy’s organizational knowledge and facilitate students around the world sharing knowledge with each other.

The chapters create channels of communication and knowledge sharing for students around the world to connect with and be inspired by one another on an ongoing basis.

Our chapters are also the ideal hosts for Student Energy Regional Summits. Chapters have the opportunity to work under the guidance of Student Energy to organize a Summit in their region and can partner with other chapters to facilitate the event. The Alberta Student Energy Summit, co-hosted by Mount Royal University, the University of Albert, and Fuse Collective (our first partner chapter hosted out of the University of Calgary) has had two highly successful years and is demonstrating the great potential of students working together. 

Energy Literacy

Student Energy is an energy literacy leader, curating cutting edge, accessible content including an energy systems map, blog, and radio show.

Energy Systems Map

The Energy Systems Map brings energy information to the social media age with dynamic content and engaging videos.

The Energy Systems Map is the premier tool for anyone wanting to learn about the energy system to dive in, explore and engage. Energy is complicated, so the Energy Systems Map breaks information down in an unbiased way so students can have an accessible entry point. Our interactive platform uses video and other media to engage students and the general public on energy topics, while also providing links so users can "dive deeper" on content that interests them. Read more about the features here and visit the web platform here.

Student Energy Blog

The Student Energy Blog is a vibrant community hub where students have the opportunity to voice their perspectives on energy. The content is made by students, for students and provides youth with a platform from which to receive feedback, learn from other students around the world, and practice their writing and research skills.