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Kate Kerrane

Full Name
Kate Kerrane
Galway, Ireland
I have always been passionate about the environment having developed an interest in secondary school. I was involved in obtaining the schools environmental green flag, receiving awards at the Young Scientist Exhibition and winning the National SciFest award. From this it was evident to me that I wanted to be an Energy Engineer which led me to the National University of Ireland, Galway. The ethos in the University for sustainability was and continues to be amazing and I was thrilled to see that even the recently opened Engineering Building was an energy efficient living learning tool for me to explore and learn from. As a passionate young woman I am adamant that for a sustainable energy future to exist, we must use the world’s natural resources to meet our ever growing energy needs, especially the mighty power of the sea.
Educational Information
Bachelors of Electrical Energy Engineering, Graduating 2016 with an honors degree
National University of Ireland, Galway