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Student Energy Summit 2019 & BP p.l.c

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In July 2019, Student Energy brought together 650+ young people from 98 countries in London, UK, for the 6th international Student Energy Summit (SES 2019). The theme of SES 2019 was 'Breaking Barriers’, with a goal of bridging conversations between various disciplines and sectors to accelerate the sustainable energy transition. Through plenaries, workshops, and interactive sessions - most of which were organized by and moderated by young people - delegates of SES 2019 learned the many pathways young people can pursue to take action on the energy system.

BP p.l.c has supported the international Student Energy Summit since 2014, and this year, BP’s support allowed Student Energy to offer nearly 500 partial or full bursaries to students who needed financial support to attend. In order to address some of the biggest challenges to transforming the energy system, Student Energy seeks to create spaces where young people can directly ask, influence, collaborate, and raise ambition on the energy transition with key industry actors. At SES 2019, students were able to ask questions and engage with BP CFO Brian Gilvary, Chief Scientist Dame Angela Strank, and other staff. Students also worked with BP staff for the Innovation Jam, in which students developed and refined their own innovations (ranging from technology to policy to social impact) over the course of 3 days.

Watch the results of this partnership here: