Lean-Green Learning Machine

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As students passionate about energy and climate change, we're always searching for simple and easy ways that we can each make a difference. It's for this reason that we are THRILLED to announce a brand new partnership between Student Energy and Bullfrog Power.


To learn about Bullfrog Power and their vision of a future powered by 100% renewable energy, check out their explainer video here:  

In a nutshell, Bullfrog Power is a totally rad Canadian company that is fighting to provide greener options for power consumption for homes, businesses and finally STUDENTS! They've scoured studies from universities and colleges across Canada to determine the average power consumption of post-secondary students over one semester or a full school year. You can now purchase a package that ensures green energy will be put onto the grid for each and every kilowatt you consume.

We're pumped to share this opportunity for more freedom in choosing your individual impact on the energy system and will roll out updates a few times over the course of the year about Bullfrog Power's efforts. Learn more and sign-up today at: http://studentlife.bullfrogpower.com/ 

It's also worth taking the time to see the actual projects Bullfrog Power has implemented across Canada to get a sense of what types of projects you'd be getting behind. Their full list is at http://www.bullfrogpower.com/greenenergy/map.cfm 

With your help, we'll see more and more pictures of beautiful solar installations like the one below!


As part of their awareness campaign to students, Bullfrog Power has also stepped up to support our award-winning radio show Energy Voices for the full year. You can listen to all of the previous ten episodes of Energy Voices at Sound Cloud below or by searching Energy Voices in iTunes or your favorite podcasting service. Be sure to check out episode 8 for an interview with Bullfrog’s green guru Josephine Coombe to learn more about Bullfrog Power for Student Life. The Bullfrog Power segment starts at the 36:50 mark of episode 8.