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Welcome to the New

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In a world where energy information is dominated by polarized soundbites, Student Energy is on a mission to deliver accurate and unbiased energy information to students across the world. is a universal entry point for learning about the energy system.


After two years, hundreds of conversations with students, and countless hours of creating content we are finally launching the new at the United Nation’s Sustainable Energy for All Forum in New York City. 

Here's a quick video tour:

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There are many key features that make this platform tailored to the our generation learns:

  • Content Transparency – all content on the platform is subject to a robust verification process. Students in our network research and write the content and each article is then vetted by content experts from various backgrounds. Every topic page clearly shows who has had input on authoring it so that you don't have to guess.
  • Balanced Presentation - the platform purposely separates facts from opinions.  This allows you to learn about the world of energy and formulate your own perspective.  
  • Engaging Format – the platform features brief, engaging and dynamic text and video. The content is purposefully simple, beautifully designed, and sharable.
  • Systems Approach - the  most exciting and unique navigation feature of the site is an energy system map that captures the interconnections of the complex energy system in a simple yet dynamic way. 

Ultimately, this platform was built for our community and by our community. But, we aren’t finished yet. The platform will keep evolving when you share your voice.


Step 1: ​Learn 

"Knowledge is Power" and this site will allow you to learn the basics of energy.  We do not claim to be the experts but we are a curator of factual energy information.  We are your start point and will point you in the right direction for where you can learn more.  Start by checking out our list of energy topics.

Step 2: Explore

The world of energy is complex and interrelated.  We aim to make it easier for you to understand the connections.  Use our map to follow resources from production to end use.  

Step 3: Engage  

Once you have an understanding of the world of energy you will inevitably have opinions about it. is not a one-way information source; we want to hear from you!  At the bottom of every topic page you will find a perspective spectrum where you can write your opinion and tweet it to the masses.  Or if you have more to say you can write a blog post about a current issue in energy and make your voice heard.   

Step 4: Join 

Student Energy is a community of young energy leaders.  Create a profile so you can connect with other people in the network or become a Student Energy Member you’ll receive discounts to events, access to publications, and your very own movement card!