Day Two at ISES 2015 Recap!

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Day two of ISES 2015 - The movement is growing.

For the second day of ISES2015 we had an impressive lineup of 30 experts, innovators and change makers.


Connecting the Unconnected, the theme of the Summit was explored in the first plenary session. Panelists dove into the issues surrounding energy access and gave insight on what may be the best path to a solution.

A highlight was Ms. Noeleen Heyzer, Under-Secretary General of the United Nations. She gave an inspirational speech that made us aware of the challenges ahead while inspiring us to rise to the occasion by declaring: “You are not the leaders of tomorrow. You are the leaders of today!”

The first break-out session, Energy and Women’s Empowerment, was an eye-opening and intriguing session for everyone present. Pria Hassan, CEO of Women in Africa, reminded everyone that it is not always easy to be a leader though, as leaders “do have to fight to be heard.” And in the second session debating on the global coal outlook we came to the conclusion that leaders are deemed to make up their own mind, distinguishing between how we want the world to look like and the path we have to endeavor meeting the goals that we set ourselves.

In fact that the energy transition is more than just engineering. We need to examine markets, policy cost, and social factors. A final break-out session discussed how energy storage issues can be addressed.

At last we turned our focus to our gorgeous host country Indonesia and it’s surrounding continent Asia analyzing it’s momentum of development and challenges it will face in the years to come.

Today the second phase of the case competition, on how people can run their own renewable energy island, came to a close. Now the final three teams have been chosen and are getting ready to present their posters to their peers tomorrow. The teams are:

  • Team A: Lerry Yahya Suranta Ginting, Zhu Dexan, and Jorge Alejandeo Gonzales Galicia
  • Team B: Akash Deo, Roberto Weisser, and Loecky Harviato
  • Team C: Desh Depak Dwivadi, Jameson Aistria

All the other delegates will have the opportunity to vote for the best case which will be announced at the Gala dinner tomorrow night!

By now, the sun has set over Bali and the Nusa Dua convention center.  We all attended a magical cultural night celebrating the dances of Bali, and showing everyone the incredible hospitality of the ITB organizing team and Indonesia. The delegates have now relocated to the gardens of the venue celebrating the day or just wander in the peaceful beauty of the gardens, enjoying the companies of their fellow students.

As we finish the day, one thing is certain. The movement is growing, and we can see it all around us!