Day 4: ISES 2015 Recap!

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Today was the last day for the 2015 International Student Energy Summit with many heart full, inspiring, and touching moments to finish this amazing event.


The day started off with the Changemakers Panel and a good morning exercise where Rosie Pidock and Hilman Syahri Fathoni taught the delegates how to say ‘good morning’ in Indonesian and Chinese. Everyone contributed to the creative way in engaging the audience of delegates.

The Changemaker Panel then moved on with the speakers who brought their Angklungs to the stage and a roleplaying demonstration that was nothing short of entertaining to explain the difference between centralized vs decentralized power in the grid. Sudirman Said, the Minister of Energy & Mineral Resources for Indonesia gave a surprise visit to educate ISES delegates about the energy industry in Indonesia and the changes that have been made to transition to a sufficient and sustainable energy future.

After the break, the plenary session International Climate Negotiations began, and there were many different thoughts and opinions of what might happen at COP21. Will this year be the year where countries finally form a binding agreement to climate change? There were many thoughts and answers across the board from different speakers. We will see in December! One of the most memorable moments at the end was when Ralf Sims, Professor of Sustainable Energy at Massey University tried to use the power of social media and students together to send a message for the climate negotiations. Student Energy will be an observer for this event in Paris.  

The afternoon kicked off with another session called Future Energy Supply Mix. This session had some notable speakers including Chris Nelder who was wearing a patch on his eye after poking it with an Angklung previously. Those instruments can do more than just make cultural music apparently. This session gave a forecast with a list of thoughts and ideas of what the future of energy in this world needs to be. While meeting the future demand for energy and prevention of climate change.

This was followed by a message from Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon of the United Nations which was delivered by Douglas Broderick. A message for young student delegates at ISES comprising the topic of leading by example with ideas, enthusiasm, and commitments to making a difference. Proposing the idea of ISES as a crucial platform and the UN working together for the future prosperity for all.

To cap off an amazing day, the closing ceremony began with #enernerd t-shirt prizes to delegates who participated actively in social media for Student Energy and ISES. Following a closing ceremony video and applauses for the committee, speakers, students and amazing volunteers who made this event all possible with their incredible work. Kali Taylor made some touching closing remarks with her announcement of stepping down as the Executive Director for Student Energy and a declaration of what ISES 2015 was all about. With that there was some exciting news as to who will be replacing Kali in her role. Meredith Adler, the current Community Manager of Student Energy will be following in the footsteps of Kali. I think she will do an amazing job in filling the enormous shoes of Kali, as she has already proven in 5 months at Student Energy what she is capable of. I am extremly excited to see what happens in the future. This was an amazing summit, thank you Bali!