ISES 2015 Associate Partner: Asia Pulp and Paper

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Student Energy and the organizing committe from ITB are excited to welcome Aisa Pulp and Paper as an Associate Partner for ISES 2015. 


Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) is a trade name of a group of pulp and paper manufacturing companies, which started in 1972 with PT Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia Tbk. in Indonesia, now APP run its operations across Indonesia and China.

Today, APP Indonesia has seven pulp and paper mills, with combined capacity of more than 10 millions tones of pulp, paper, packaging, tissue and converted products.

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Maintaining the integrity of APP’s supply chain is crucial. On June 5th 2012, APP launched the Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020 to guide APP’s operations and its supply chain. The Roadmap encompasses various issues i.e., carbon emission and sequestration, habitat protection and biodiversity, production impact, social and human rights, 3rd party certification and most importantly the responsible fiber sourcing.

The Roadmap was further developed into Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) to ensure an immediate end of all natural forest clearance throughout APP’s entire supply chain, and implementing assessment of High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) forest. 

For more information about APP’s Sustainability Roadmap and FCP, please visit:


A reliable energy source is vital to our mills operations, however the national grid is limited and for our several mills, it can only be used as back-up. To suffice the energy needs, we operate our own power generation, and the environmental impact of it, is heavily influenced by the type of fuel used and the operations of each mill.

High proportion of biofuel in the energy mix is currently exclusive to Indah Kiat - Perawang and Lontar Papyrus which utilize the waste products from pulp production. In 2013, Indah Kiat - Tangerang and Lontar Papyrus were acknowledged as the first paper mill and integrated pulp and tissue mill, respectively, in South East Asia to receive the Energy Management System Standard ISO 50001 certification.

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Black liquor and bark (a by-product from the pulping process) provides an excellent renewable fuel source, which will reduce the requirement of non-renewable fuel. Wherever possible, we also use the low-environmental-impact fuels, such as the low-sulfur-high-calorie coal, or using low-carbon-intensity fuels, such as natural gas or diesel oil. In 2013, 48% of our total energy demand across all mills was met from renewable sources. We will continue to innovate to increase the proportion of renewable fuel we use.


Today, APP’s products include bleached hardwood paper pulp and a full range of paper, tissue, packaging, industrial paper, value-added writing and printing paper, coated paper and boards. We also have converted hygiene products, office supply products, specialty paper and a wide range of converted stationery products.

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