Meet our New Executive Director!

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Student Energy officially has a new Executive Director.  World, meet Meredith Adler!


I could not be more thrilled about Meredith taking over the reins of the organization.  She has BIG ideas, a great attitude and a really amazing ability to think with the community in mind. 

You may remember her as our former Community Manager and she has also a long history of working on energy and with youth. You can find her full bio on our Management page but I wanted you all to know more about the woman behind the scenes at Student Energy.

And so, I did a quick interview with Meredith so you all can get to know her a bit better.


KT: Tell us three things EnerNerds might not know about you?

MA: Ok, here are some fun facts about me that have nothing to do with energy or youth:

  1. I love the outdoors! On my path to becoming an EnerNerd, I was first a conservationist. I’m an avid skier, and a rock climbing enthusiast. So when I say I can’t make it to that Sunday conference call, it’s probably because I’m hanging out with my dog Yoshi on a mountaintop.
  2. I’m a political junkie. One of my most time-consuming hobbies is following local and global politics. So if you ever want to talk politics, it’s my favourite topic, aside from energy of course.
  3. Actually, I’m not Canadian. A little known fact is that I’m a US Citizen. I grew up in Carson City, Nevada, a small town on the Nevada / California border. But since then I’ve spent a year in Argentina (hablo castellano), a summer in Nicaragua, half a year rock climbing in South East Asia, and six years living in Canada!

KT: What made you want to be the Executive Director of Student Energy?

MA: Student Energy’s work combines my greatest passions: youth empowerment and energy. Energy and climate change is the “wicked problem” of our time, and I firmly believe that youth are creative, capable and ambitious enough to meaningfully contribute to the solution.

I once read a quote that we something like, “youth can do anything because they have yet to believe they can’t,” and that’s exactly what Student Energy is working to harness. We’re here to say, you can change the energy system, it doesn’t have to be an old-boys club, and here are the tools and the community you need to get you where you’re going. 

I wanted to be the Executive Director because I can think of nothing I would rather so than get up every day and work to make this movement happen.

KT: What has been your favourite memory with Student Energy so far?

MA: Hands down, the 2015 International Student Energy Summit was surreal.

First, I got to work very closely with the host team from ITB they were all so passionate, engaged and committed – it was unbelievable. The experience of watching them grow and develop as leaders as they put on a massive conference for students from over 100 countries was incredible.

Then, once all of the delegates arrived, the conference was like something I had never experienced. Everyone was full of hope, ready to take on challenges and find energy solutions. It was pretty much the polar opposite of most energy  events I’ve been to. And the feeling was infectious, even the speakers, who go to tons of energy conferences every year, couldn’t stop talking about how great the summit was. I’ve never been more hopeful for the future than I was coming out of the summit.

KT: What part of the Executive Director position are you most excited about?

MA: I just can’t wait to see where this movement will go. One of my favourite things to work on is strategy and long term vision, and with the ambitious EnerNerd community, there’s no shortage of vision or ambition. The best part of the job is developing the programs and strategy that will serve this community well into the future.

KT: What is on the horizon for Student Energy this Fall?

MA: This fall is going to be big!

First up is the launch of Student Energy Chapters. This is a program where we’re going to enable students from our community to start their own Student Energy clubs or societies at their school. We’re also forming the Student Energy Global Clubs network so that existing energy clubs can get in on the action too.

This program is very exciting because it will allow EnerNerds to activate their local and university communities on energy issues while giving them a tangible way to connect with our global Student Energy network throughout the year. Our pilot (test) chapters are taking off in September and we’re looking forward to opening it up to the entire community in January, so stay tuned and get in touch if you want to found a chapter!

COP21 is the other big event on Student Energy’s horizon. This year is the first time Student Energy has gained observer status for the negotiations, and so we are working with our community to see what we can do both virtually and on the ground to get EnerNerds involved. This is an event that the world will be watching. I’m proud to say that Student Energy will be there to promote the youth voice because we are the leaders of 2050 who will be putting the plans of today into action.


Isn't she the best?

As for me, I won’t be too far away from Student Energy. That's the thing about being a cofounder... starting an organization is like raising a child.  And now I am excited to watch it on its next stage.  I will be joining the Board of Directors this Fall and will still be very involved in the organization’s overall strategy and growth.  

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment for me (Kali) or Meredith below.  Peace out EnerNerds!