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Global Environmental Campaign

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As COP21 is coming closer, I would like to share what I have done here on campus that could impact the world positively. My friends and I on Environmental Engineering Student Association (HMTL Surya University) organize a campaign called, environmental campaign.

The environmental campaign consists of four campaigns, no-elevator-day on Monday, no-styrofoam on Tuesday , no-plastic bottles on Wednesday and recycle-day on Thursday. The no-elevator day campaign aims to reduce electrical energy consumption, while on Tuesday and Wednesday we focus on reducing the amount of styrofoam and plastic bottles in our environment - as we know, both styrofoam and plastic bottles are non-degredeable materials, and last but not least, recycle day (Thursday) aims to make recycling as a habit.

All the campaigns are rooted on shifting people’s lifestyle on our campus, from wasting energy and resources  into energy and resources efficient lifestyles. I often see many of my friends use the elevator even to just go up one floor and use styrofoam and plastic bottles when they have lunch, this is the background of the campaign. We hope to reduce elevator use, decrease styrofoam and plastic bottles waste and increase recycling. By doing this every week over a long time, we hope to generate new habits that will impact the world positively everyday. To make the campaign more successful, we utilized social media - we will give rewards for everyone who did the environmental campaign everyweek and fine everyone who breaks the campaign rule. The first tangible impacts we can see from our campaign are that in my major, environmental engineering, students use stairs as often as possible (also on other day besides Monday) and bring their own tumblr everyday. We would like to implement the campaign globally because the impact could be very powerful.

I think this kind of campaign could be promoted as a global campaign. While, the activities could be different, the purpose would still be the same; impact the world positively everyday. We could expand this campaign and embrace all by making it popular.