#askSE: Questions for #COP21

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COP21 is here, #askSE!

The goal of this COP is to adopt the climate agreement that will define the actions governments take to curb climate change.  This is a big deal. We are the leaders of 2050 and we are the people who will be living with the consequences of this agreement for the rest of our lives.

#askSE Collage -square.jpgThat's why we’re running the ask #askSE campaign throughout the conference, to give you the opportunity to get involved.

Student Energy has observer status for COP21. That means we get to go inside the Blue Zone where governments and negotiators are working on the agreement. We want to use our special access to get you answers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use the hashtags #askSE and #COP21 to tweet us any question you have about what’s happening at COP21.

Bonus points if you write your question and take a picture with it!


  1. Student Energy will take your question and go find the person or organization who can answer it.


  1. We’ll tweet your answer back at you, and post a summary of the tweets and answers every other day.

There are 195 nations and hundreds of observer organizations that will be represented at COP21.  With so much happening, we want to make sure to get the answers to questions that are important to you.

If you need some inspiration, here’s a quick list of the types of events that will be happening every day:

Blue Zone: This is where the negotiations are happening. Here’s an outline of all the pieces the negotiations will cover.  You can also follow along with Climates, a youth organization that tracks the negotiations. 

Side Events: There are big events taking place inside and outside of the blue zone where people will tackle the issues that are central to the agreements. To get a look at what’s happening check out the Lima-Paris Action Agenda, and the Climate Generations area (open to the public).

History: The history of the UNFCCC is central to understanding what’s happening at Paris. If you want to find our more check out this great video summary.

There are hundreds of events happening so keep your eyes peeled! Remember, if you’re in town, Student Energy’s Innovation Jam is happening December 5th and we would love to have you join us!