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Energy Voices Radio Show - Jan 26 - COP 21 in Review

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Unless you were living under a rock this December, you probably heard that the world arrived at a global climate deal! In this episode of Energy Voices we walk you through what happened in Paris at COP21.


If you want the inside scoop on what happened at COP21 you are listening to the right show. In this episode we are featuring a number of interviews and segments that will give you a full picture of the negotiation process and the agreement.  

  • The Climate Agreement in 12 Minutes - Kali Taylor - Our Student Energy co-founder walks you through the main points of the agreement and how they were reached.
  • Life in the Trenches - Elizabeth May - Famous Canadian environmentalist and leader of the Green Party shares some insight on the past 40 years of Canada's environmental movement, culminating in the massive success of COP21 in Paris. Elizabeth talks about her time as the Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada, as well as the simliarities and difference of the Montreal Protocol and the Paris Agreement.
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Farming in Africa - Constance Ocolet - Constance Ocolet is a farmer in rural Uganda that deals with the challenges of climate change on a daily basis. In a short interview done on-site at COP21 in Paris, she shares the daily challenges that climate change bring to her life. Constance also shares some of the goals developing nations have from the negotiations, and ways in which developed countries can support farmers like Constance
  • This Month in Energy - as always, we will share the big stories in energy for this first month of 2016. 

Listen live on the CJSW at 8pm MT on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 or catch us after on Soundcloud.  

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