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Win Your Way: ELECTRIC POWER Photo Contest

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Want to present your vision for the future of power on stage? How about a free flight to New Orleans, and a ticket to ELECTRIC POWER?

Well, we have the contest for you! The ELECTRIC POWER Future of Power Generation Photo Contest!


The winner receives:

  • Speaking spot on a panel at Young Professionals in Power
  • Entrance and registration for ELECTRIC POWER Conference and Exhibition happening April 18-21 in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Roundtrip flight to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (up to a cost of $1,000 USD)
  • Hotel and accommodations during ELECTRIC POWER Conference and Exhibition

The Future of Power Generation

The contest is all about the future of power. We want to know where you see the future of electric power going. How does power impact your life, and how will that change in the future? Are you working on an invention or research project that will shape the future of power? Show us that too!  

How to Enter

  1. Take a photo that exemplifies what “The Future of Power Generation” means to you
  2. Post the photo to Facebook or Twitter with a short (100 words or less) explanation
  3. Tag ELECTRIC POWER and Student Energy in the post

4. Student Energy or Electric Power will like your post to let you know we’ve received it!      5. All contest entries must be submitted between February 23rd and March 21st 2016. 

How To Win

Several factors will come into play in deciding the winner. They are:

  1. Social media popularity: likes and shares of posts
  2. Content of image, and how well it matches the theme
  3. How much the image provides inspiration for the Future of Power Generation

Electric Power will pick the contest winner based on these criteria. The winner will be notified via social media and their photo will be promoted in the lead-up to the conference.

There's More!

While attending ELECTRIC POWER the winner will be Student Energy's official blogger and social media rep on site! All of your posts will be promoted and you'll get to show the rest of the world around the Conference and Exhibition.


Comment on this blog post and we’ll be sure to get them answered.

Happy Posting! We can’t wait to see you at Electric Power!