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Energy Voices Radio Show - Mar 29 - Small Island States

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In this episode of Energy Voices we explore the unique challenges and opportunities of Small Island States when it comes to both energy and climate.


Energy Voices Small Island States.pngSmall Island States (SIDS) face a unique set of challenges when it comes to energy and climate change. According to the UN SE4All initiative, SIDS spend about as much of their national budgets on addressing the consequences and impacts of climate change as they do on importing costly fossil fuels that contribute to those same climate change impacts. 

'While the SIDS and LDCs contribute the least to global greenhouse gas emissions, it is often they who pay the highest price for the impacts of climate change. Access to energy needs to be considered as an integral part of a climate resilient strategy,' says Kandeh K. Yumkella, former Special Representative of the Secretary-General and CEO, Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All).

SIDS' high renewable energy potential and their small size make them prime candidates for unique energy solutions.  This month we feature:

  • Grenada Explains SIDS - For a complete overview on Small Island States and the challenges that energy and climate change bring to these nations, we start with a long form interview with Angus Friday, Grenada’s Ambassador to the United States. Angus was previous Chairman of AOSIS (Alliance of Small Island States), one of the most influential groups representing small islands on the international stage. Angus shares both the future challenges and some truly unique current challenges being faced by small island nations around the world.
  • Financing Development - John Morton of OPIC (The Overseas Private Investment Corporation) discusses the importance of rallying private finance to emerging nations and small island states to assist with energy access projects.
  • Energy Storage for Islands - Curt VanWalleghem, CEO of Hydrostor talks about their unique underwater air compression energy storage technology and how it will be deployed in Aruba.
  • Green BondsDavid Berliner of CoPower finishes off this month's show with a short overview of Canada’s first green bond offering and explains how distributed finance can support distributed generation projects nationally and internationally. 
  • This Month in Energy - as always, we share the big stories in energy for this March 2016

The episode aired on March 29, 2016 at 8pm MT on the CJSW. Catch us now on Soundcloud.