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StudentEnergy.org Celebrates its First Birthday

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It is hard to believe it has already been a year since we launched the new StudentEnergy.org energy education platform. 


On May 18, 2015 at the UN Sustainable Energy For All Summit in New York City, Student Energy launched our brain child that was three-years in the making. Finally, there is a tool for young people looking to learn about energy in a balanced, transparent way that matches how the digital generation likes to learn.

This energy literacy platform was originally conceptualized in the spring of 2012 following a round of global focus groups that interviewed students about their needs when it came to understanding energy and participating in the system.  Overwhelmingly we heard that students were overwhelmed with the amount of energy information available to them and struggled to know what they could and couldn’t trust.  It was not that young people didn’t want to dig into the content, but they stated many times that they wished there was an “entry point.”

And that’s exactly what we built.

We launched StudentEnergy.org with over 75 topics explaining various elements of energy all linked together in an interactive map and complete with a host of simple to digest videos. We also launched a blog for students to weigh in with their opinions on the future of energy and have their voices heard. 

It took years to organize all this content, have it verified, turn it into digestible pieces, and build the web infrastructure - but I can guarantee it was worth it. 

The feedback has been overwhelming. 

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We are ecstatic that the platform is serving such a broad community.  And a large part of our success in reaching this community has been due to a strategic partnership with a Canadian-based search engine optimization company (SEO), Blue Train.  They have helped us to utilize our partnership with Google’s charity ad-word campaign to ensure we get this tool into the hands of our audience.  Here’s what Blue Train has to say about the partnership so far:

It's been a fascinating partnership. Over the last few months, Bluetrain has learned about the intricacies of the energy system on an international level. Since Student Energy is being promoted internationally, fascinating patterns emerge showing regional interests in different forms of energy production. For example, South Africa shows a strong interest in learning about wind, coal, and nuclear energy. While Indonesia is more interested in geothermal, hydro and oil energy. The advertising has also shown the interest that people have globally in learning from videos. Last month, over 1,500 video views being directly attributed to online advertising.

We would be amiss not to thank our organizational partners for their ongoing support of our vision of StudentEnergy.org.  Getting funding to deliver a project of this magnitude can be challenging but our partners have been there every step of the way.

We have big plans for the next year of the platform.  We will be adding new videos, making improvements to the map and working on more interactive learning resources.  If you have ideas feel free to comment on this post, we love hearing from you.

Thank you for utilizing StudentEnergy.org and deepening your knowledge about the energy system.