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Energy Voices Radio Show - July 26 - Energy Systems in Transition

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A System in Transition

With renewable energy investment surpassing fossil fuel investment for the first time ever in 2015, it is clear that our global energy system is in transition.

This month on Energy Voices we kick-off one of our first-ever recurring series on the show. Over the next 18 month's we will be diving into the energy transitions taking place around the world. Rather than tackle them at static points in time, we will be experiencing the stories, successes, and challenges of systems in transition in real time over the course of the next year and a half.
To start things off, we start with Student Energy’s home province of Alberta. The Honourable Minster Shannon Phillips, Alberta’s Minister of Environment and Parks sits down to walk through all aspects of the sweeping changes brought in by the Climate Leadership Plan which was tabled in November 2015. We then move on to a long-form interview with Lliam Hildebrand, the Founder of Iron and Earth, an organization of oil sands workers advocating for the transition to renewable energy. We end the show with a short blurb from CCTV Americas which covers the high-level details of the Mexican Energy Reform. This is of particular interest to Student Energy as Mexico is the host location of our next International Student Energy Summit. 


Here's a quick summary of what you'll hear on the episode:

  • Innovating on Climate Policy – Shannon Phillips, Alberta’s Minister of Environment and Parks, walks us through the transformational change taking place in Alberta’s energy system. After being elected to power on May 5, 2015, the NDP Party launched a large-scale consultation process that resulted in the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan being released in November 2015 which is ushering in changes to nearly all aspects of Alberta’s Energy System.
  • Transitioning the Labour Force – Working people are often the forgotten piece of any major economic transition. Lliam Hildebrand founded Iron & Earth to give fellow oil sands workers a soft landing to re-train and re-tool for the energy economy of tomorrow and on this episode, he walks us through how all workers can participate in the new economy.
  • Mexico’s Changing Energy System - With the  International Student Energy Summit (SES 2017) headed to Merida, Mexico we decided to focus in on what the country's broad-sweeping energy transition will entail.  We end the show with a short blurb from CCTV Americas which covers the high-level details of the Mexican Energy Reform.
  • This Month in Energy - as always, we share the big stories in energy for this July 2016. 

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