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Funding Ethics

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Being transparent about where we get our funding and the role funders play in the organization is crucial to our integrity.  This post covers everything you may want to know about our funding and partnerships.


I oversee a lot of the fundraising, marketing and strategy stuff for Student Energy and in the wonderful world of Energy, funding is a topic that comes up over and over again. How are you funded? Who will you accept funding from? What sort of limitations do your funders place on you?

All valid, intelligent and rational questions. A few weeks ago, we got together as a board and hashed out EXACTLY what our Funding Ethics strategy was. With the strategy being focused completely around transparency, we wanted to make it publicly available to all of our followers. This is something we take very seriously and we'd love to hear any questions, thoughts, comments or suggestions.

Student Energy Funding Ethics:

The mission of Student Energy is “to open the eyes of the worlds students to all perspectives on energy” and we take this to heart regarding our approach to seeking funding . We seek and encourage all organizations to sponsor and fund the incredible work of Student Energy.

Student Energy does not advocate any agenda; therefore if we were to exclude any funders, this would be taking a specific stance that we do not agree with their organization or purpose. This would go against a core value of our organization. Transitioning our world to a sustainable energy future will take the collective action of industry, government, non-profits and students and as such we actively seek support from every possible stakeholder group and have done so for all previous events we have held.

Guiding Principles:

  1.  No sponsor or funder will ever be permitted to control our program and content.
  2. Should a potential funder place conditions on their funding that would prevent us from sharing all perspectives on any topic, this request will be flatly refused.
  3. All partnerships will be held to the triple win test. The triple win test is that the three stakeholder groups of Student Energy, Funders and Students must directly benefit from any partnership that is formed. This means that Student Energy will receive direct contributions to support our operations, the funder will receive high-value exposure and most importantly, the partnership must benefit our students through offering them new perspectives a high-value experience or unique content.

Transparency Policy:

Information Sharing: Should any individual wish to know the organizations who has supported or been approached to support Student Energy, all information will be freely shared. Note: No personal contact information collected by Student Energy will ever be shared with third parties for any reason.

To ask any questions of Student Energy’s funding approach, please email our Partnerships Manager, Sean Collins via: scollins@studentenergy.org .