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Our Theory of Change

These are exciting times at Student Energy. The past few months have been a whirlwind, as we came off of our time at COP21, into a series of events and opportunities. But, the most important and...

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Energy Voices Radio Show - Mar 29 - Small Island States

In this episode of Energy Voices we explore the unique challenges and opportunities of Small Island States when it comes to both energy and climate.

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This Month in Energy – March 2016

Here’s what happened in the world of energy this month.

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Fracking: Promising Technology, Poor Implementation

Over the last decade, fracking has become a popular technique to harvest natural gas. Despite its environmental concerns, fracking offers a promising path to more sustainable energy sources.  

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Smart Prosperity: For Current and Future Generations

Today I had the honour and privilege of being part of the launch of Smart Prosperity with the Prime Minister of Canada, the Honourable Justin Trudeau.

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