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The Audacity of Youth to Solve Climate Change

This week the Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change - Catherine McKenna - invited me to participate in her launch of the Canadian Climate Action Plan public consultation process.  This was a great opportunity to highlight the importance of youth in solutions building for a sustainable future.

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The Cornerstone to Electricity Market Development

I recently won a contest with Student Energy which has allowed me to attend the ELECTRIC POWER Conference in New Orleans and talk about the future of power. In my contest entry thesis, I argued that...

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A bright, new future for electric utilities

As I was waiting for the keynote speeches to begin for the ELECTRIC POWER Conference yesterday, I noticed something that could be either terrifying or thrilling to a young person attending a huge...

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Alberta Student Energy Summit

There has never been a point in history with more change and transition in both our provincial and global energy systems. Alberta's recent Climate Leadership plan will fundamentally change Alberta's...

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Catching the Sun: New Documentary

A new documentary on the solar industry, called Catching The Sun seeks to answer one of the biggest questions of our time: Will we be able to build a clean energy economy that works for everyone?  The film screens April 4-21, 2016 in theatres across the USA or you could host your own!

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