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NUI Galway goes to TU Delft: The Unconnected, Connected

The NUI Galway Energy Society were shown how the Dutch are leading the way in implementing innovative energy solutions by TU Delft as a part of the annual NUI Galway Energy Trip. Notably, the increase...

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How to expand renewable energy: six lessons from Sweden

Have you ever thought that your body can become a clean source of power? Every day you consume food, which your organism transforms into energy. Some of it is needed to support life, but eighty per...

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Shale, Renewables, and the New Energy Paradigm

Cost parity with fossil fuels is arguably the Holy Grail for renewable energy technologies. It’s the tipping point at which renewable energy will be able to stand on its own against the oil & gas...

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The Promise of Energy Storage

In spite of its critical importance to modern technologies and infrastructures, electricity has remained a transient resource that has virtually no shelf-life. Once electricity is generated from an...

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Transportation: Land of Cleantech Opportunity

Modern transportation infrastructure has made the world more and more connected. In the last 2000 years, humanity has moved from relying horse carriages and ships with sails to a plethora of mechanical transportation systems that can cover large distances in very small times. While it might have taken a sailing ships weeks to cross the Atlantic from Europe to the Eastern Coast of the United, the same trip can be done today by airplane in less than 6 hours. In the last 200 years, transportation has not only been modernized, but also commoditized so that regular consumers can afford to move themselves over significant distance rather easily.

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