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The Promise of Energy Storage

In spite of its critical importance to modern technologies and infrastructures, electricity has remained a transient resource that has virtually no shelf-life. Once electricity is generated from an...

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Transportation: Land of Cleantech Opportunity

Modern transportation infrastructure has made the world more and more connected. In the last 2000 years, humanity has moved from relying horse carriages and ships with sails to a plethora of mechanical transportation systems that can cover large distances in very small times. While it might have taken a sailing ships weeks to cross the Atlantic from Europe to the Eastern Coast of the United, the same trip can be done today by airplane in less than 6 hours. In the last 200 years, transportation has not only been modernized, but also commoditized so that regular consumers can afford to move themselves over significant distance rather easily.

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Two Cool Contests for Young Energy Entrepreneurs

Do you have a clean energy idea or start up? Check out these two contests that give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to show off their ideas!

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How to Build a Microgrid

While developed countries have enjoyed access to reliable electricity for nearly a century, energy access across the world remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Globally, over 

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Energy Voices Radio Show - Jan 26 - COP 21 in Review

Unless you were living under a rock this December, you probably heard that the world arrived at a global climate deal! In this episode of Energy Voices we walk you through what happened in Paris at COP21.

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