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Two Cool Contests for Young Energy Entrepreneurs

Do you have a clean energy idea or start up? Check out these two contests that give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to show off their ideas!

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How to Build a Microgrid

While developed countries have enjoyed access to reliable electricity for nearly a century, energy access across the world remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Globally, over 

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Energy Voices Radio Show - Jan 26 - COP 21 in Review

Unless you were living under a rock this December, you probably heard that the world arrived at a global climate deal! In this episode of Energy Voices we walk you through what happened in Paris at COP21.

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This Month In Energy – January 2016

Here’s what happened in the world of energy this month.

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Living Off Grid Potential

The initial momentum of making new movements is commonly by realizing discomfort in comfort zones. Simply flipping a switch to turn the lamp and the heater on is surely a convenience. That sense of...

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