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Introducing "Dark Clouds"

Student Energy is proud to feature the latest insights on China's coal landscape from Calvin Quek, Head of Sustainable Finance at Greenpeace East Asia. Calvin Quek authors "Dark Clouds", a...

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#askSE Round 2

Ok, here we are, half way through week two of COP21. As the negotiations get more intense, we're happy to see questions from our #enernerds still rolling in!
In case you don't know, we at Student...

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The COP21 Innovation Jam Recap

Last night at COP21, Student Energy hosted an intergenerational meeting of the minds focused on creating tangible solutions to our pressing energy and climate challenges.

In partnership with Imaginea...

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The Energy Stories

The clock was ticking. Every tick of its hand tugged harder at my eyelids, beckoning them to close. My arms ached slightly as they cradled my head, whose eyes stared almost blankly towards a...

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COP21 Day 1 Recap! Solar-Powered DJs, Analytics and Making a Wish.

COP21 Day 1 Recap!

I spent the first day of COP21 roaming what is affectionately known as the “Green Zone”. Folks accredited with a badge are permitted to roam the all-sacred “Blue Zone” (where Heads...

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