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This Month In Energy: A Look at December's Energy News Highlights

Closing out 2015, Student Energy's amazing volunteer team is starting an initiative to get the new year going right. Each month, members of our community around the globe are going to collect the key...

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What Paris Gave Me

I like to think I am not a cynical person.  My cofounders and I started Student Energy when we were in our early 20s and were told many times that we couldn’t do it but somehow always kept our...

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It’s Our Time: Driving Solutions Out of The Paris Agreement

COP21 will go down in history as a pivotal turning point where countries, governments, civil society, business, and individuals from around the world united with a vision for our sustainable energy...

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Introducing "Dark Clouds"

Student Energy is proud to feature the latest insights on China's coal landscape from Calvin Quek, Head of Sustainable Finance at Greenpeace East Asia. Calvin Quek authors "Dark Clouds", a...

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#askSE Round 2

Ok, here we are, half way through week two of COP21. As the negotiations get more intense, we're happy to see questions from our #enernerds still rolling in!
In case you don't know, we at Student...

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