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COP21 and Actually Doing The Things

Bonjour from Paris! COP21 is in full swing, so it’s time for some Student Energy reporting from the ground!

But first, let’s take a step back and ask – what is COP21 and why is Student Energy here?

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An Energy System Worthy of the 21st Century

The world is convening this week in Paris, and one cannot help but be totally optimistic.

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#askSE: Questions for #COP21

COP21 is here, #askSE!

The goal of this COP is to adopt the climate agreement that will define the actions governments take to curb climate change.  This is a big deal. We are the leaders of 2050 and...

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Psychology of Climate Change: Is It Not an Emergency Anymore?

Meanwhile in a parallel universe, where Kyle Jenner’s lips have raised huge number of followers worldwide and where LGBT marriage has transitioned the millennial generation (not only in the US) to...

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For the first time in history, renewable energy installations are outpacing new installations of fossil fuel based energy systems, even when accounting for the combined capacity of coal, oil and...

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