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#Enernerd Win!

Want to win a lunch with the Student Energy co-founders or your very own #enernerd shirt?  Here's how... 

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ISES 2015 Partner: GAruda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia is our airline partner for ISES 105. Student Energy and the ISES 2015 planning committee from ITB appreciate their support in making the summit possible.

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Change is Here: Student Energy's Take on SE4ALL

A testament to how exciting things are in Student Energy’s world right now, speaking at a United Nations Conference in New York was only the second coolest thing we did this week!

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Student Energy Launches Revolutionary Educational Tool at UN Sustainable Energy for All Forum in New York City

New York, USA: Today, a game-changing energy education tool will be unveiled at the United Nation’s Sustainable Energy for All Forum in New York City. Student Energy, a global non-profit, developed and designed the platform in consultation with hundreds of youth on all continents. The Energy Literacy Platform is the ideal starting point for anyone learning about the energy system.

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Welcome to the New StudentEnergy.org

In a world where energy information is dominated by polarized soundbites, Student Energy is on a mission to deliver accurate and unbiased energy information to students across the world. StudentEnergy.org is a universal entry point for learning about the energy system.

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