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Energy access: lessons to be learned from the MDGs

The case of sanitation access policy

The year 2015 is set to be a decisive milestone for global community: new Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are to be announced and global leaders will work on a...

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Oil in the Arctic: Indispensable resource or Irreversible damage?

 A few days ago, Rosneft, the Russian state run oil company announced that a well it was digging along with Exxon Mobil in the Russian arctic has yielded oil. Although extraction has not commenced yet...

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Introducing Bali 2015 Video

It is now official! The next International Student Energy Summit will take place in Bali, Indonesia in June 2015.  Watch our announcement video now. 

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Funding Ethics

Being transparent about where we get our funding and the role funders play in the organization is crucial to our integrity.  This post covers everything you may want to know about our funding and partnerships.

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